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When we refer to a Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramp, we are referring to ramps that have a 20,000 lb max axle rating or greater.  What do we mean by max axle capacity?  To find out, Click Here.

Landsport offers a vast selection of Heavy Duty Ramps for many different types of applications. Our durable, lightweight aluminum ramps are available to load trucks, service vehicles, semi tractors, wheel loaders, skid steers, pavers, dozers, excavators, military equipment, MRAPs and so much more!  If you have a need for a Heavy Duty Ramp, we have a solution for you!

The lowest Heavy-Duty aluminum ramp we manufacture for the hauling industry is rated at 20,000 lb max axle capacity. Every type of ramp we manufacture is tested on our hydraulic press in order to make sure it exceeds the capacity we rate them at. We make sure your safety comes first!  If you need a greater capacity ramp we can do that for you. 

Because of the excessive weights of Heavy Duty equipment, the attachment method used to attach the ramps to the trailer is restricted to our B-Hook Click Here.  The B-Hook is a proprietary, one-piece extrusion that is welded to the entire face of the ramp.  It is used in conjunction with a "Hook Seat" in order to pin the ramps to the trailer.  Hook Seats come in steel and aluminum and are offered in various lengths. Most owner operators will put a pair of 36" wide hook seats on the rear of their trailer so they can slide the ramps side-to-side along a greater distance and therefore utilize more of their deck.  This allows them to load equipment of various wheel widths. To learn more about Hook Seats Click Here.

Our competitors will tell you our knife point ramps "curl" because they are not designed for heavier capacities.  We understand that there is a time for a Knife Point ramp and a time for a Stub Toe ramp.  That is why we offer ALL of our ramps with EITHER a KNIFE POINT or a STUB TOE at NO EXTRA CHARGE!  Our competitors will tell you that they perform that "extra costly step" in manufacturing to give you the stub toe automatically, but look at the higher price of their products.  Their so called "stub toe upgrade" has already been built into their higher retail price.  WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU FOR IT!  Simply tell us want you want.  If you are not sure what you want one of our full-time, experienced sales representatives can explain the advantages of each.  Believe it or not, sometimes the Knife Point ramp can be the better option; even with a high capacity ramp.

We at Landsport are so confident in the quality of our products, that we offer a 2-year limited manufacturers warranty on all of our products. This "best in the industry" warranty is significantly longer than our competitor"s 1-year warranty.  We can do this because our ramps are the strongest aluminum ramps in the marketplace and our quality is second to none

As was mentioned before, our Heavy Duty Aluminum Loading Ramps can handle a vast array of equipment.  On our website, we have various pages dedicated to these types of equipment.  You can find out more about application specific Heavy Duty Ramps on the following pages.

  1. The Step deck trailer is vital to the movement of heavy equipment.  We offer individual pairs of ramps, or modular ramps that use support stands if a longer ramp is required.  Typically a 16-ft modular ramp setup is long enough to create a load angle that will allow most cars and autos to be loaded.  Of course with the Heavy Duty Stepdeck Aluminum Ramps, loading up an excavator, dozer or fire truck is no problem.  Heavy Duty Step Deck Ramps that are rated at 20,000 lb max axle are typically 18" wide or 20" wide.  If you require a wider ramp due to the footprint of what you are loading we can build a custom aluminum ramp for you.   To see our Step Deck Ramp webpage Click Here

  2. One of the most popular products is our Heavy Duty 25,000 lb max axle Ramp/Load Leveler ComboThis product not only gives you the capacity to load heavy equipment but also allows you to use the ramps as 20,000 lb capacity load levelers.  This versatility ensures that you will be prepared to haul whatever cargo is available to you and reduce the need for dead-heading.  To see this 25,000 LB Ramp/LL Combo webpage Click Here

  3. Paver Ramps are another popular heavy duty ramp we manufacture.  These paving ramps may take the form of layover ramps, stationary wedge ramps or folding wedge ramps.  Regardless, we offer a durable yet lightweight solution to load even your heaviest paving equipment. Like all of our other products, each paving ramp we manufacture has a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty To see our Paving Ramp webpage Click Here

  4. Removable Gooseneck Ramps are designed for the extreme equipment weights a RGN trailer can handle. We have been manufacturing ramp solutions for these haulers since 1987.  Call us, and one of our full-time; professional sales associates can discuss your needs.  To see our RGN Ramp webpage Click Here

  5. Construction equipment requires Heavy Duty Ramps for not only wheeled equipment, but also for track equipment.  Though our 3/8" thick, serrated cleats are much more robust than our competitions "" cleats. The ramps are not warrantied for steel tract equipment.  The steel tracts will rip off the cleats.  If you must load up a steel tract piece of equipment, we find that putting a heavy rubber or wood over the ramps does help.  Conveyor belt rubber or old mud flaps seem to work well.  If you are load steel tract equipment and find yourself crooked on the ramps, DO NOT turn on the ramps.  Rather, back off the equipment, realign yourself and then continue to load. To see our Construction / Landscaper Ramp webpage  Click Here

  6. Landsport has manufactured inspection ramps for the Department of Homeland security to inspect buses at the border. Since buses have a long wheelbase and a relatively low clearance, the manufacturing of an inspection ramp has its challenges. Call us and let us work with you to come up with a Heavy Duty Inspection Ramp solution that works for you.  To see our Heavy Duty Inspection Ramp webpage Click Here


Heavy Duty Ramps and Heavy Duty Modular Features

  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum for superior strength and durability
  • Capacities Up To 250,000 lbs Available!
  • Cleats are non-skid, self-cleaning with serrated teeth for excellent traction
  • Our 3/8" thick cleats outlast our competitors "" cleat and provide better traction in adverse weather conditions.  We do not skimp in quality.
  • We offer Knife Point and Stub Toe ramp foot options at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
  • The best priced solutions available in the market!
  • 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (The longest in the industry)


Proudly Made in the USA

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